April 19, 2024


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5 Best Android Tablets for Traveling

Over the past few years, carrying a gadget is a crucial thing to consider during traveling. Without an Internet-ready device, getting around is like finding a needle in a haystack. Indeed, if you carry with you an Android tablet, you are capable of discovering a lot of places in just a few taps and swipes. Here are among the 5 best Android tablets that can be your best companion during traveling:
1. Motorola Xoom
Traveling with Motorola Xoom really makes your life more pleasurable and comfortable. This Android Tablet has a new Honeycomb OS which features a new technology. It has a new Tegra 2 processor, with 3G, 4G and GPS support. It has two cameras: a 5mp camera on the rear and a 2mp one at the front. You can browse the Web, take pictures, play games, listen to music and navigate through maps to search for location with this GPS-enabled Tablet. Overall, the tablet does great things and is very impressive that gives you pleasure while you travel.
2. Samsung Galaxy Tab
With a dual camera, memory storage of up to 32GB, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Tab makes your traveling fun and wholesome. The Galaxy Tab’s 4000mAh battery gives you sufficient power to surf the Web for 7 hours with Wi-Fi activity in a day. The overall look of the tablet is top-notch. Its 7-inch frame is easy to hold and carry around especially when you travel.
3. Lenovo IdeaPad UI hybrid
If you travel frequently, Lenovo IdeaPad is beneficial since you can work effortless with this tab. Lenovo IdeaPad is a 10.1-inch screen tablet PC built with an Intel 2 dual core processor, along with a 32 GB storage, and a dual camera. With its 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily surf the net and check your email. What is great about it is that you can easily dock it into a separate keyboard which makes it function realme 5 pro price as a notebook computer as well. It has a battery power of up to 8 hours and operates with Windows 7 Home Premium. The price can range as high as $1300, but it is quite attractive. The amazing features indeed give you your money’s worth.
4. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
Asus Eee Pad transformer can be a good companion while you travel. The 10.1-inch screen of this Android-powered tablet runs for 8 hours and has a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, while featuring a dual camera: a 5mp rear camera and 2mp front camera. It also has a complete lineup of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI settings. It is a great media player which supports a wide range of media formats including 1080 pixel video files. With its excellent battery life, you can enjoy full-length movies during long trips.
5. ACER Iconia Tab
Acer Iconia has a unique and elegant look. This Android tablet has great features, with its 10.1-inch touch screen display, built-in gyroscope and Tegra 2 platform. It allows you to play 1080 HD videos with 16 GB worth of data storage. It also has a 5mp camera. Acer Iconia Tab gives you high-speed quality application performance and convenience when you are traveling.