April 17, 2024


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Aerospace Engineering Facts You Probably Didn’t Know 

10 Things You Didn't Know About the Aerospace Industry

In the past couple of years, you might have heard how popular the aerospace industry has become – but do you know what the industry is all about?

The aerospace industry is filled with aerospace engineers who work in a field of engineering associated with designing, developing, and manufacturing spacecraft and aircraft. There is so much you can learn about this industry as their work includes working on many details from in-depth research, tests, and trial and error works that make up the current aerospace industry. 

Since there is so much to learn about the industry, we have gathered some interesting facts related to the industry that you probably did not know about. 


It is Different from Avionics Engineering 

Many people tend to configure aerospace engineering with avionics engineering, thinking they are the same thing. However, while they share several similarities, they are still two different unique concepts with independent meanings. You need to know that avionics engineering is more focused on the electrical segment of aerospace engineering. 


It incorporates a Dozen of Elements. 

As we mentioned, much research goes into aerospace technology, making it a highly complicated field of study incorporating several elements. Some include fluid mechanics, mathematics, control engineering, astrodynamics, software, electrotechnology, solid mechanics, risk and reliability, flight text, noise control, and more. 


High Demand For Aerospace Engineers 

Since the study of aerospace is not for the faint of heart, many industries are looking for highly skilled aerospace engineers worldwide. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it was found that the average salary for this profession is more than $105,000. And there is a good reason for that, too; commercial air travel is expected to grow in the coming years, and with that, there will be a further increase in the need for engineers to design and manufacture airplanes. 

You can learn more about this industry by reaching out to professionals who have made a big name for themselves – such as Sachidananda Kangovi. 

As a renowned American technology executive, aerospace engineer, and author, Sachidananda Kangovi is considered the leading professional behind aerospace engineering progress. 

In 1971, he created a unique special -purpose wind tunnel called the Base Flow Facility, which significantly aided in developing many indigenous aerospace vehicles in India.  Moreover, after many years of experience and extensive work within the field, the National Aerospace Laboratory Designated Dr. Kangovi’s founded test facility to be one of the unique testing facilities in the world – and one that has aided India in developing many indigenous aerospace vehicles over the years.

On moving to the US, Dr. Kangovi applied his expertise in experimental aerodynamics to develop inlet air moisture separators for marine and land-based gas turbine engines.  Later while working in Boeing, Kangovi applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to study helicopter rotor flow field. Dr. Kangovi then worked in Johnson & Johnson on the problem of pneumatic transport of particles using computational fluid modelling. During the onset of digital revolution, Kangovi transitioned from CFD to Information Technology field. After joining Comcast as a Design Lead and Distinguished Engineer, he led a team of designers to introduce the concept of the Service Linked Multi-State System, a core provisioning system. He was awarded several US and International patents for this work which is currently being used to support millions of customers.

Dr. Kangovi also took on the role of Vice-President for ITL, SCSL, and CHR – another important position where most of his work centered around leading sales support teams, business analysts, designers, architects, developers, and testers to build service offerings in self-provisioning, and much more. He is also a published author. His books are available globally and also in the libraries of many universities world-wide.