December 3, 2023


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Crypto on a Credit Card? BitPay – Simplex Deal

Crypto on a Credit Card? BitPay Says Its Simplex Deal Makes it Easier And  Cheaper | LaptrinhX

Is buying cryptocurrency through the BitPay wallet via a credit card something you’re interested in? Well, you can now do this by just opening the wallet and clicking on the “Buy Crypto.” To know more about this new crypto purchase opportunity and find the best merchant accounts in the U.S., keep on reading the article below. 

Crypto on a Credit Card & Best Merchant Accounts

Atlanta-based blockchain-payment processor BitPay Inc, the biggest Bitcoin and crypto money payment services company in the world, has recently announced its partnership with Simplex. This licensed financial institution provides the largest variety of payment options, allowing for making cryptocurrency purchases free from fraud. 

Thanks to this cooperation, Europeans can now purchase crypto seamlessly without the need to pay any credit/debit card fees for 45 days, using the BitPay Wallet app.

Such teaming with Simplex Payment Services, a Lithuania-based financial institution, makes up part of the company’s efforts aimed at making cryptocurrency purchases easier. Also, this is an opportunity to enlarge the user base. 

With the current changes and developments in payments, you should pay special attention to the payments services you’re offering to your customers. The growing cryptocurrency trend is something you can’t ignore. 

It’s more critical than ever to choose the best merchant accounts in the space. You can do this easily, by working with a seasoned payments comparison specialist committed to offering the most unbiased review of providers at the time of writing. 

BitPay’s Deal With Simplex

BitPay – Simplex cooperation enables users to fast and obtain crypto without difficulty and without paying any fees via debit/credit cards for up to 45 days. The top coins offered include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, as well as PAX and BUSD. So, all the interested consumers should act now so not to miss this opportunity later. 

Thanks to this new solution, consumers can start purchasing with no limits and enjoy capitalization on market highs. Did you know that BitPay Prepaid MasterCard users can also use Apple Pay for in-store, in-app and online transactions?

As you see, BitPay, which is the largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services around the globe, offers a new payment method to its customers. The company has partnered with a market leader, Simplex. As a result, Europeans get an opportunity to buy crypto money seamlessly without any credit/debit card fees, using the BitPay Wallet app.

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