November 28, 2023


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Proper Ground Support Equipment Maintenance - Southern Council

Preventative maintenance is important for industrial equipment and, more so, aircraft-related ones. A poorly implemented maintenance program for ground support equipment (GSE) can result in aircraft delays, costly damages, and even possible accidents. Preventative maintenance is essential to avoid last-minute rushes, which may also impact service delivery at the airport or airstrip. It includes cleaning, lubricating, repairing, replacing parts, and record-keeping to ensure everything is in order. Here is the importance of effective ground support equipment maintenance:

Efficient equipment operation

A poor GSE maintenance plan can negatively impact performance. Things such as inadequate fluid levels, insufficient lubrication, and hydraulic contamination can severely impact the performance of ground support equipment, affecting aircraft operations. Thankfully, you can conduct preventative maintenance on your ground support equipment and keep it functioning as optimally as possible. The efficiency will increase productivity, eliminate unnecessary delays and promote better aviation services.

It gives employees directions.

A good ground support equipment preventative maintenance plan takes the guesswork off tasks. It stipulates GSE instructions and standards, giving your employees direction. Consequently, equipment downtime and aircraft delays will be eliminated since everyone knows how to prevent that. It also ensures that all employees adhere to the same maintenance schedule and standards for inspection.

It saves costs

We cannot talk about GSE preventative maintenance without mentioning a thing or two about the considerable cost savings it brings. As you may know, conducting last-minute repairs or replacements when the equipment has already broken down can be costly regarding downtime and resources. But regularly inspecting your GSE, from the hydraulic to the engine parts, will boost its efficiency and reliability. 

With preventative maintenance, you will likely notice a significant reduction in unexpected repairs, downtime, and operational efficiency. All this translates to substantial cost savings. In other words, you are investing in productivity and hence your company’s return on investment.

It prolongs the equipment’s life.

Like any other industrial machine, effective maintenance is the secret to prolonging your ground support equipment’s life. Pay attention to every aspect of your GSE, from airplane jacks to towbars, to ensure everything is working perfectly. This way, you eliminate unnecessary replacement costs, and your equipment will remain valuable for the longest time and still work efficiently.

It boosts productivity and reliability.

The best thing about having clear instructions for GSE preventative maintenance is that all your employees will follow the same standards. This maintenance plan involves planning for repair and replacement before the equipment fails. It also involves keeping maintenance records, which ensure the next equipment inspection happens on time and without fail. All this ensures the early detection of problems before they occur, eliminating unnecessary downtime. Consequently, your operational efficiency will increase, and your equipment will provide an unmatched level of reliability hence more productivity in your company.

The bottom line

There are many reasons why an effective maintenance plan for ground support equipment is important. It prolongs your equipment’s life, eliminates downtime, boosts efficiency, gives employees direction, boosts productivity, and saves you more money.