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Maple Grove Realtor Spotlights Home Tech Trends at CES 2021

News Highlights: Maple Grove Realtor Spotlights Home Tech Trends at CES 2021

7:30 am | Sunday, January 31, 2021

Brandon Doyle has a passion for technology. The Maple Grove real estate agent attended the Consumer Electronics Show, held virtually for the first time in its 54-year history. Doyle says smart home technology will continue to change the way we live.

“What we’re seeing now is that the appliances in our house actually predict our needs, so we can anticipate what you want, and maybe turn on the lights for you in the morning, lower the curtains, set the thermostat for you so they get smarter, and they become more useful, ”said Doyle.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he says a trend that has to be said here is our bathrooms and kitchens going hands-free. CES 2021 included numerous new touchless faucets to touchless toilets.

Lighting innovation

Our home work space is also evolving and it starts with lighting.

“Some cool companies we saw were AduroSmart. They are known for their LED lighting, ”said Doyle. ‘They have some different lights they came out with that are pretty cool.

‘Yeelight was one that I thought was really cool. They have a light bar that attaches to the top of your monitor that provides bias lighting behind the screen for gaming as well as eye strain. “

Home security

Home security is also a big focus. How we enter our homes changes, Doyle says.

“One that I thought was quite interesting is BenjiLock, so they have both a code lock and fingerprint technology and one thing they mentioned is that they really took care not to be connected. So they describe their lock as ‘smart enough’, ”he said.

Vacuum Technology

More time at home also means more cleaning time. Fortunately, those robot vacuum cleaners are getting smarter. Doyle noticed the Roborock S6 MaxV.

“The improvement they’ve made this year is that they’ve added a scrubber, so a little bit of agitator on the mop section, and that actually works better than the previous version, where it was more of a Swiffer.”

TVs ‘More Like Art’

And what’s a consumer electronics show without entertainment, especially chic TVs.

“Every year at CES, the TVs get bigger, they add more pixels, increase the resolution, and what we notice more is the form factor, that they’re really on the way to the wall mount where it’s really flat, flat on the wall, so it looks more like art. “

Three useful tips

Doyle says there are a few key things to consider with all of these smart home choices. No. 1, Doyle says to make sure your internet speed and router are up to date. The more smart devices you add, he said, the more it will slow down your home network.

Basic internet package starts at 25 megabits per second. Check your internet speed here.

“More often we see that people have something between 50 and 100. But now we’re actually seeing a greater demand for the maximum speed, so here with Xfinity that would be the ‘Giga’ internet. ” he said.

And No. 2: If you’re considering automating your home, Doyle says to make sure your smart home assistant is compatible with devices you’d like to add to your system.

“In the beginning, it’s important to think about extensibility, so choosing the right ecosystem, whether you want to be an Amazon household and everything that’s compatible with their system, or Google, or if you want to go the professional way like Control4 or Preston. Deciding in advance will save you a lot of time and headaches in the future. “

Finally, No. 3, Doyle realizes that all smart home technology can feel overwhelming, so he suggests starting small, like adding a smart thermostat, which can lead to savings on heating and cooling costs, or even simpler .

“The houses are now more efficient than ever, but the most important thing you can do is around your lighting. So if you have those older bulbs, simply replacing them with LEDs will be more effective than worrying about whether or not your bulbs are on. “

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