2021’s First Big Ransomware Gang Launches Sleek and Bigoted “Leak” Site

Illustration for article titled 2021s First Big Ransomware Gang Launches Sleek and Bigoted Leak Site

Screenshot: Lucas Ropek

Every year sees a number of new ransomware gangs emerge and take a swing at becoming the most prolific operators in the digital underworld. Well, 2021 officially has its first new high-profile ransomware operation and they are definitely assholes.

The group behind Babyk Locker ransomware, a malware that has been heralded as the first new “enterprise ransomware” of 2021, recently launched its first data leak site—a forum where hackers post and publicize data stolen from their victims if the victims refuse to pay them. The group, which surfaced a few weeks ago, has been dubbed a “Big Game Hunter” for its strategy of targeting large institutions for bigger payouts. It has already struck a number of big entities—apparently compromising a car parts manufacturer, a U.S.-based heating firm, and an elevator company, among others.

Interestingly, the group has made it known that,

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