May 18, 2024


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Top free SEO tools to boost your online shop

Having an online shop is a major business that several individuals and organizations are into today. Some companies own an online shop because they want to sell products that they manufacture. Other companies and individuals also have online stores because they want to sell products manufactured by other companies. For those who want to sell products manufactured by other companies, they might decide to first stock up before selling or be involved in dropshipping where they receive and process orders before passing the orders to other companies selling the product. Irrespective of your type of online stores, you would need reliable and affordable web hosting providers such as Huge Domains where you can host your website.

If you have an online shop, you need to drive traffic to it. SEO tools provide insights on how you can drive more traffic to your online shop, how each aspect of your marketing campaign impacts your online shop, and what you need to improve upon. Here are the top free SEO tools you should be using to boost your online shop:

Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides insights into how your website is performing organically and if you have any penalties as regards SEO. It helps you to understand how your online shop SEO is performing, how you can plan a growth strategy, how to inspect URLs, find the cause of errors and fix them, find and fix security issues, gain more understanding of backlinks and internal links, etc. You can diagnose any issue wrong with your online shop with it so you should give it a try.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This free SEO tool helps to measure the quality of the user experience of your online shop. You do not want to have issues with slow pages because they hinder your conversion rates and spoil your rankings. With this tool, you can keep abreast of your page speed and learn how to fix any issues you may have with it. You do not need to have a background technical knowledge before you operate it, you can easily see and tweak the major areas where your online shop needs improvement.

Bing Webmaster Tools

If you focus on Google alone, you will miss out on the other opportunities out there. This tool helps you to manage your online shop’s appearance on Google. Bing Webmaster provides you a lot of insights on how your online shop is performing and the areas ripe for improvement. By knowing how users find your online shop, you can manage improvements and notifications from Bing. There is a possibility that most of your competitors are not using Bing, so you can leverage on this.


This tool is a comprehensive toolkit that helps you in all the technical aspects of your online shop’s optimization. Even though there are pricing plans, you can use the free subscription as well. It provides you free keyword research, technical auditing for your shop’s SEO, detailed research, etc. This free tool provides you a wealth of possibilities that makes managing your online shop easier. If you have always been looking for landscape analysis, you should jump on this.


This free tool is a free plugin provided by WordPress. You will find that it is simple and straightforward to optimize your online shop. With it, you have complete control over your shop’s optimization for the needed keywords. It has built-in support which makes complex tasks easy for you to execute. Since you run your online shop, you should add this tool to your arsenal. You also get to know how the individual elements of your page are performing and the improvements they need.