April 19, 2024


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Top Reasons To Choose Cloud Mobile App Hosting

Running a mobile app requires you to buy a web hosting service for necessary app functionality. Your mobile app data can’t just fly into your user’s mobile and get things running.

The best way to do that is through cloud hosting, as it reduces your infrastructure cost, giving your data easy storage and access. Moreover that also eliminates the risk of data loss.

In this article, we will discuss the top reasons why cloud hosting is the best web hosting option for your mobile application.

Different Types Of Web Hosting Options for App Hosting

Hosting TypeDescriptionRoot AccessControl Over ServerIndependenceScalability & FlexibilityUptimeCost Efficiency
Shared HostingIn shared hosting, multiple web pages are hosted on the same server.NoYou get limited control over server resourcesDependence on neighborsShared hosting offers limited scalability & flexibility, limited customisation optionsModerate to LowHigh
Dedicated HostingIn Dedicated hosting, an entire server is exclusively dedicated to a user.YesYou get complete control over the serverIndependentYou get limited scalability & flexibility, which requires manual scaling and upgradingHighLow to Moderate
VPS HostingVPS hosting, with the help of virtual technology, creates a partitioned wall that provides an isolated environment for every user hosting. YesYou get complete control over the serverIndependence from neighborsIt is easily scalable & flexible, easy to upgrade resources, and has a customisable environment.HighModerate
Cloud HostingCloud Hosting offers centralised server resources which are accessible over a network and can be accessed on demand.YesYou get complete control over the serverIndependenceHighly scalable & flexible, on-demand resource allocation, customisable environmentHighModerate to High

Why Hosting Mobile Apps on the Cloud Is Better?

  1. Value for Money Hosting

Application hosting or cloud app hosting is a cheaper hosting option as there is no expensive hardware cost connected. 

That enhances the operational capabilities of network hardware. The stress of continual upgradation is eliminated, which lets you focus on more important tasks.

  1. Better Performance

With the best cloud hosting for mobile apps, you get unparalleled advantages that are much bigger than traditional hosting options. These can be in terms of server uptime, speed, connectivity, etc.

The nature of cloud app hosting allows it to provide good speed and responsiveness compared to sever confined to one location.

  1. Collaborative Working and Easy Access

With cloud hosting, you can collaborate with your business securely and effectively. This means anytime, anywhere, without stressing software or hardware compatibility issues.

It provides the convenience of remote working, as files can be shared and accessed in real-time. This keeps your business updated with changing technology and improves overall productivity.

  1. Reliable Backup

You get a trusted data backup recovery plan, which makes it a safer hosting option compared to others. Your data is maintained safely in a remote location that is readily accessible through the Internet.

 So you can continue working and access your needed data even if there are issues with physical hardware. It is an easier option for daily backup as there is no manual transfer of data, decreasing downtime and facilitating performance.

  1. Easily Scalable

Cloud hosting offers easy scaling, which makes it ideal for hosting apps. You can easily manage capacity and, accordingly, cost, ensuring 24/7 availability and smooth performance.


Cloud hosting is perfect for hosting applications as it ensures speed, performance, scalability, and easy access in real-time. 

Further, you get safe storage and computing power, giving you a competitive edge in evolving business dynamics.