November 30, 2023


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What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Web Design?

Digital marketing is known as the techniques and strategies that we use in order to communicate the commercial message with maximum efficiency and provoke a direct interaction with our target client, how this message is made visible depends on web design.

As an UK SEO agency in web design and digital marketing we know that to achieve this objective the visibility and relevance of the message is very important, applying SEO / SEM digital marketing techniques as well as the specific content of the message.

The characteristics of a good web design to meet business and digital marketing objectives largely depend on these objectives; these are some of the most important:

1. Attractive

The graphic elements elaborated and in accordance with the product, sector and client are essential, they have to be attractive and relevant, an image always has to reinforce the message, a product website for a young audience is not the same as a website for an engineering company or industry, each audience has its language.

2. Functionalities appropriate to the objective

It must have specific functionalities according to the commercial objective to facilitate it: Contact form, chat, blog, intranet, etc.

3. Responsive

It must be compatible with all devices, Smartphone, tablet, pc; currently 75% of visits to our website are made through mobile devices

4. Well structured information

The structure of the information has to be easy to understand. Everything revolves around our client, so the understanding of the information has to be fast and effective.

5. Loading speed

We live in a time when a second makes a difference, that’s why our website has to be fast.

Goals of a good web design:

A good web design, above all, has to make it intuitive and easy to navigate in which we find quickly what our target client needs, for this it is essential to structure the information well, thinking of the client as the axis of the entire process.

Let us remember of app development companies UK that the fundamental objective of our website is to efficiently communicate our activity or product with a design tailored to the client, product and the sector and for this it is necessary to achieve a good user experience so that they remember us and return, because the most important is that.

A Good Web Design Has To Be Distinguished By A Good User Experience

As a web design and corporate digital marketing company we know that each web design is different and responds to the specific communication parameters that govern each activity sector and the profile of the client to whom it is directed, thus we achieve that the client feels identified with our website because he speaks the same language.

If we get our client to identify our corporate image, by the successful use of different graphic elements, colors, images, typography, etc. and that they feel identified with our brand or product, we will have achieved the most important a place in the mind of the client, so that they remember us and come back, we will already be above our competition on the way to success in the digital channel.

That is why it is necessary to develop a web design tailored to the objectives of digital marketing lighthouse score and our commercial ecosystem.