Get feedback on your pitch deck from tech leaders on Extra Crunch Live

Extra Crunch Live 2.0 launches next week! Among several improvements, we’re thrilled to ramp up the Pitch Deck Teardown.


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In short, folks can submit their pitch decks to get feedback from investors and founders alike.

The importance of the pitch deck can’t be underestimated. It is often the first point of contact between a company and venture investors, but how investors consume a pitch deck (and what they really think) is also a bit of a black box.

Are they speed-flipping through the slides or taking their time? Do they prefer more information on the team or context on the industry? More numbers or more words? How many slides is the right number of slides?

There are too many questions to count, and often very few answers. But we’re popping the lid off of that black box with the Pitch Deck Teardown. We’ve done Pitch Deck Teardowns

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Better Tech, Better Deck | Professional Builder

Although homeowners love the look and feel of traditional wood decking, more and more of them have been choosing composites. The evidence for that trend isn’t just anecdotal: a 2019 market study by Principia, a consulting firm serving the building products industry, found that composites already account for the majority of decking sold in the Northeast and are gaining in other parts of the U.S. as well. (1) 

What’s driving that growth? The answer is that more homeowners, contractors and dealers than ever are coming to understand the edge that composites have over wood decking. You could describe composites’ growth as supported by a three-legged stool consisting of performance, aesthetic and cost advantages.


Enhanced Performance 

Homeowners may not be familiar with all the ways in which composite decking’s performance has improved, but these improvements make it more appealing than ever. As an example, look at the technological improvements TimberTech AZEK

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