14 Best PDF Editors for Mac in 2022 - Free & Pro with Coupons

Apple gives every Mac Preview, a program that lets you view and pdf editor on Mac and other file types. Preview allows you to highlight text, add a signature or make comments.

Add text:

    Move your cursor to the place you wish to insert text.

    Click on “Tools”, select “Annotate,” and then start typing.

    You can change the font size or color by going to “View”, clicking on “Show Markup Bar” and pressing A.

    You can also move the text box to any place on the document.

Highlight Text

    Highlight the text that you choose.

    Select to toggle the highlight mode on/off.

    Click to select an option.

    Highlight text when you select it.

    Control-click the highlighted text to review it and choose “Remove Highlight”

How to edit a PDF on Windows

Most likely, you already have Microsoft Word. Word 2013 allows you to open PDF files and convert them into editable Word documents. The document can then be edited as necessary. Save the document as PDF after you are done. There are many a PDF editor available that will allow you to edit PDFs on Windows. However, most of them come at a cost. Foxit Reader, a popular and free PDF editor, is available in addition to Acrobat Reader.

Add text:

    Navigate to the “Edit” menu.

    Select the “Edit Text” icon from the toolbar.

    To edit text, place your cursor wherever you want it to be and begin typing or pasting.

    You can change font size, color, alignment or other options.


Click on the Comment menu to choose one of the following buttons

    Highlight — Move your cursor across the text that you wish to highlight. You can also choose the color.

    Strikethrough — Click on the “Strikethrough” button and select the text that you wish to strikethrough.

    Leave a note — To leave a detailed note, highlight the text in the editor and select the “Note” option. Your comments can be entered in the provided area.

If you don’t have Wondershare PDF editor app you can use Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat is available on both Mac and Windows with Adobe Creative Cloud.

These steps are

    Open Adobe Acrobat.

    Click “File” and then “Open.”

    Select the PDF file that you wish to edit.

    After your file has opened, click “Edit PDF” in the toolbar to the right.

    To edit text, simply place your cursor over the text that you wish to edit.

    Select “Format” from the toolbar’s top menu.

    Place the cursor over the image that you wish to edit in order to edit it.

    Modify it using the “Objects” option