December 2, 2023


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HunterCatNFC tool

Hunt Down NFC Signals With This NFC Multi Tool

NFC hacking can be a challenging process with numerous specialized equipment, a proliferation of protocols, and a multitude of various units. [ElectronicCats] has performed a large amount of perform to try out to make this investigation accessible by generating an open up-supply, components-licensed NFC resource known as the HunterCatNFC that can examine and emulate a multitude of NFC equipment.

The HunterCatNFC product is intended to be transportable and self contained, with LED indicator lights that can give information about the different modes, and suggestions about what knowledge is getting gained. At its main, the HunterCatNFC has an NXP PN7150 NFC controller chip to tackle the NFC conversation. The primary processing controller is a Microchip SAMD21 which also presents USB features, and the whole gadget is driven by a 3.7V 150mAh Li-ion battery.

The HunterCatNFC has three key modes, ’emulation’, ‘read/write’ and ‘peer-to-peer’. Emulation mode makes it possible for the HunterCatNFC to mimic the features of a passive NFC machine, only responding when an NFC reader troubles a ask for. The read/produce mode enables it to emulate an NFC reader or author, with the ability to talk with nearby passive NFC units. The peer-to-peer manner offers the gadget the capability to have two way interaction, for instance, between two HunterCatNFC devices.

We have included NFC hacking ahead of, together with the Flipper Zero. The HunterCatNFC is a high-quality addition to the NFC hackers arsenal of resources with some incredibly pleasant documentation to understand from. For those not wanting to mail out their possess boards to be printed and assembled, [ElectronicCats] has them for sale.

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