December 9, 2023


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Nanoleaf announces Thread smart home tech will be inside all it

(Pocket-lint) – Smart lighting specialist Nanoleaf has announced it is going to integrate smart home protocol Thread into all its future products.

Thread enables devices to connect up in a mesh network even where Wi-Fi is poor – it’s backed by Apple, Google and Amazon among other companies. The recent Apple HomePod mini supports it in addition to Google Nest Wi-Fi devices and the Google Nest Hub Max. The Eve Energy and Eve Door and Window devices also support it. Many more devices are expected to support the standard in 2021. 

Because Thread is a mesh system, it isn’t reliant on a central hub like a Zigbee or Wi-Fi network for example, while it has super-low latency, Range is a key benefit, meaning you can have smart home devices outside of the range of your Wi-Fi network. 


Nanoleaf announced its Essentials range back in November and, while both those products (bulb and light strip) were the first smart lighting products to support Thread, Nanoleaf’s other products don’t, even the 2020-announced Shapes range of light panels (so far available in triangles, mini triangles and hexagons) but that will change for future devices launched by the company. 

Nanoleaf has produced this video to explain why Thread is important: 

Writing by Dan Grabham.