May 18, 2024


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Website 101: Increase Your Website Traffic with Social Media Strategies

SEO Technique 101: How to Double Your Traffic Using Social Media - Internet  Marketing Reach

With almost everyone on social media sites these days, turning to social media as a way for you and your brand to get a better reputation and reach out to more of your audiences is a must and is a strategy that you should take advantage of. There are a few social media strategies that you should know that could help bring in more traffic to your website. This is website 101: increase your website traffic with social media strategies.

What are Good Social Media Strategies?

  1. Setting goals for your business
  • Grow your brand’s audience
  • Boost engagement in your audiences
  • Drive natural traffic into your site
  • Increase the awareness of your brand
  • Generate some leads and sales
  1. Get to know your audiences

To help book your social media strategy, you have to do your research and know the audiences that you already have on your social media since knowing who is consuming your content would really help in the engagement that you may have on your content and what kind of content that you bring out that would catch your target people’s attention.

  1. Establish your metrics
  • Clicks

You would be able to see and track all of the clicks that you get per campaign that you put out that would be able to help you understand what your audiences like, what they are curious about, and what actually would encourage them to click and buy on the product or services that you are offering.

  • Hashtags

Your hashtags are a great way for people to find you and a great way for you to find more reviews of your products or services. Look at your hashtags that are used the most, and what are the hashtags that you notice are being associated with your brand the most. By knowing this, you would be able to focus on what kind of content you could focus on and what you should change in your branding.

  • Reach

Reach is more about how much of the content that you have on your social media pages are able to reach your target users’ feed? The amount of posts that you may have on your social media pages that actually reach the timeline of the viewers is what reach is about. How many saws? And what kind of posts did they see?

  • Engagement

You need to be aware of the engagement that you are having per post. You could get the total number of people who have interacted with your content and then divide it by the number of their impressions. This would help you understand how your audiences view your audiences and if they are willing to interact with you and your content.

  1. Make engaging content

You have to make content that fits the platform that you are in and the niche that you are a part of. If you are using Instagram, then you are going to have to post pictures that would catch their attention and represent your brand at the same time. The same goes with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

  1. Timing is important

If you want your posts to reach your target audiences, you have to time the content that you put out. You would be able to check your stats, check what time of the day brings you the most engagement and that is when you start posting things on your social media accounts so that more people would be able to see your posts.

When it comes to reviews, it is also important to respond as soon as you possibly can, especially if they are questions and concerns. Doing this would help your audience think that you have amazing customer service, you are transparent, you engage with your audiences and that you have a distinct personality.

  1. Assess what is working and what is not

After a few months of handing your social media, you would already have a great idea of what part of your strategies are working out for you and what is not. Adapting your strategy and listening to your audiences is incredibly important to help you improve. Keep what is working for you and change what is not. 

  1. Bring other departments in

When you are running your social, you have to understand your business in and out since that is where you are keeping communication with your customers. You are going to have to connect with the other departments of your business so that you could collaborate and bring in more information to answer questions your audiences may have about the business in general.

The department that you could collaborate with is Sales. Products and merchandising and HR since they would have to be the most involved with the data, customer service, and knowing the roles of everyone in the company.